Solid Surface Repair Service

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Please provide a high resolution pictures in multiple angles for better assessment of damage or repair needed. 
Note: Not all damage is repairable, and will be up to the discretion of our skilled fabricator to determine the extent of the damage. Please note that JBD (HK) Products Limited is not liable for any loss/damage in attempts to repair your surface area or be liable to any other solid surface brand warranty and or guarantees. 


Repair Procedure

Step 1 – Assess Damage

The manner in which you repair your solid surface countertop not only depends on the material that it is made from, but also on the severity of the scratch. Examine the entire countertop for scratches that are not immediately evident so you can repair it all at the same time.

Due to the intricate differences in materials such as natural granite, you may find that this type of countertop is more difficult to repair, since the design is too difficult to replicate.

Step 2 – Identify type of solid surface/ warranty if applicable 

If the solid surface countertop is one that you have had fitted rather than inherited due to a house move, you are likely to have a manual and, possibly, a maintenance kit provided by the manufacturer. The maintenance kit should contain the relevant sanding method and sealant to repair minor scratches. The manual should be able to outline how to undertake the repair and recommend repairers where major work is required.    

Step 3 – Surface Preparation 

Get the surface ready for repair by giving it an initial clean. Washing it with liquid soap and warm water should be sufficient. After rinsing, thoroughly dry the surface with a towel.    

Step 4 – Sanding

Prior to sanding, make sure surrounding area within 15 feet is enclosed and cleared with potential dust particles being airborne. (Note: Our fabricators will clean to their best ability to the visible human eye and will not provide thorough additional cleaning) 

Step 5 – Repairing 

This step will either be removing the stain through more sanding, cutting and replacing or re-sealing will be based on the decision of the fabricator at task. 
(Note: If a portion of the surface needs to be replaced, there is no guarantee that the original piece of surface will match the new piece in colour, shade or characteristics. Please consult with our team to ensure the work to be provided will be satisfactory) 

Step 6 – Clean and Protect 

After all repair has been completed, our fabricators will polish the surface to to the original finish or a finish as requested for a unified appearance. Upon completion of all repairs, fabricator will do a once over wipe down of the surface. Any further cleaning will be the duty of the surface owner.