Care and Maintenance

Brilliant Solid Surface products are made of high quality materials and are resistant to scratch, stain, impact, light, and high temperatures. Scratches are almost invisible from a distance of over 600 mm. Brilliant Solid Surface products come with many different beautiful shades and colors, fitting perfectly into any interior design. With proper care and maintenance, your Brilliant solid surfacing will last a lifetime. 

During normal usage of Brilliant Solid Surface products, pay attention to the following:
1. Avoid placing heavy or sharp-edged objects on the surface.
2. Do not use the surface as a cutting board.
3. Do not place hot pots or pans (taken directly from the stove) on the surface. (Use pads or holders when placing hot objects on the surface) 
4. Do not use harsh commercial chemicals to clean the surface.
5. When the product is a sink and if the interior temperature is cold (6 degrees and under), do not put hot water in it.
6. Brilliant Solid Surface products are designed for interior use. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause fading and discoloring.
7. When the product is used as a countertop, ensure to leave at least 80 mm space between it and the stove.
The following techniques will show you how to clean and restore Brilliant Solid Surface products to its natural beauty and brightness:
1. Oil and light stains can be cleaned using household dish detergent. For tougher stains, use green *SCOTCH BRITE with an abrasive cleaner. Regular use of green *SCOTCH BRITE also keeps the surface looking new.
2. For deep scratches, first use sanding paper #120 or #240 then use #400 or 
#600 to sand. After sanding, use white *SCOTCH BRITE with an abrasive cleaner to clean. Use furniture polish to restore its shine.
3. Use pads or holders when placing hot objects on the surface.
4. Should it ever get in contact with harsh chemicals such as paint, oven cleaner, etc., clean the surface immediately with soap and water. While cleaning, avoid touching the surface with heavy or sharp objects.
5. Residue stains on a Brilliant solid surfacing sink can be cleaned by filling the sink with water and 300 cc bleach to leave over night. After that, use detergent to wash the surface. If necessary, follow step 2 above.
*Scotch Brite is a 3M product