ST124 - Brilliant Hyalite

Brilliant Quartz
Code: ST124
Colour Name: Brilliant Hyalite
Base Colour Undertone:

Thickness Availability:
- 15mm Standard
- 20mm (MOQ: 20 Slabs)
- 30mm (MOQ: 20 Slabs)

Slab Sizes:
- 3000mm x 1400mm x 15mm (Standard)
- 3000mm x 1400mm x 20mm (MOQ: 20 Slabs)
- 3000mm x 1400mm x 30mm (MOQ: 20 Slabs)

Colour Disclaimer: Colours Shown are a small representation of the actual product. Marble veining will be inconsistent from each slab. For actual sample and more information, contact your nearest distributor or local interior designer.

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